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Dustless Floor Sanding

Restoring wooden floors to become a beautiful feature within your home is something that takes skill and the best floor sanding equipment in order to achieve the optimal results.

JH Sanding has over 15 years of experience and have enjoyed seeing amazing results on the most difficult of jobs.

These results would be difficult to achieve without using almost dustless floor sanding equipment combined with dedication and skill.

Using Bona Kemi floor sanding machines are central to the success of restoring wood floors.

Bona Kemi machines are simple to use and easy to control. The equipment is also durable and Bona Kemi have been the world leader in hardwood floor finishing and wood floor care for over 90 years.

JH Sanding chooses to work with Bona dustless floor sanding machines as they truly enhance the floor while providing a fast, smooth and dust free experience.

There is also a whole product range that goes hand in hand with the machinery and is complementary to the most magnificent wood floor restoration results.